• Capital increase of Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC)

    In order to support ABC in its external developments, its capital has been increased in cash by € 8.2 million and now amounts to € 13.720.000,00. The transaction was carried out without issuing any new shares.

  • Capital increase Ogepar s.a.

    At the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held before notary public in Luxemburg on September 22, 2016, the share capital of our holding Ogepar s.a. was increased by ten million euros from 40 million euros (EUR 40.000.000) to 50 million euros (EUR 50.000.000) – represented by two million shares.

  • Decision in an appeal on the 43% of Focast Holding

    It was accepted by the Court of Appeal of Versailles that on June 24, 2013 639.999 shares of Focast Holding were sold for the benefit of Ogepar for the price of 1 EURO.

    Following this decision of justice, our group now holds 1.452.496 shares out of 1,500,000 shares of this foundries group – or 97%.

  • ABC welcomes Ministers De Croo

    ABC was honored to welcome belgian vice-prime Minister Alexander De Croo and the state Minister Herman De Croo. The two minister’s showed interest in ABC products and developments. They were impressed by commercial success in overseas export. Read more

  • Subsidiary in Dunkerque

    Ogepar Moteur Technologie Dunkerque sas (OMTD) was established on 5th April 2016. The company will do installation, assembly, repair and maintenance of engines and mechanical constructions. OMTD will also intervene in the projects ABC currently has for the nuclear emergency groups in France.

    Its capital by EUR 1,500,000 is 100% owned by our group. The company is based in France/59640 Dunkerque, avenue de la Gironde.

  • Luitpolhütte GmbH

    A legal entity called Luitpoldhütte GmbH (100% ownership of Ogepar Group), has been established on December 18th 2015.

    This new subsidiary purchased on January 4th 2016 the assets of the cast iron foundry Luitpoldhütte AG from the insolvency administration. Luitpoldhütte has a capacity of 160.000 mouldings per year and a turnover of EUR 85 million (2013).

    Registered capital of Luitpoldhütte GmbH is EUR 15 million and the address is Sulzbacher Str. 121, 92224 Amberg, Germany.

    The synergy of Luitpoldhütte GmbH with Ogepar’s casting activity is primarily with our activity in Saint-Dizier, France.

  • Acquisition of 47.500 shares FOCAST HOLDING

    Ogepar has acquired 47.500 shares of Focast Holding held by CREDIT DU NORD. Following this transaction, Ogepar now holds 812.497 shares out of a total of 1.500.000. The amount paid for these 47,500 shares (3.17%) is the fixed price of 50.000€.

  • Elite Fashion show – Hotel ELAIS – Pointe Noire

    Contributing to the development and the opening of the Republic Congo to the rest of the world, ELAIS hotel Pointe Noire was honored to sponsor the world greatest model contest, the Elite Fashion show.

    For their first tour contest in Central and West Africa, the renowned model agency set foot in the luxurious and elegant hotel, ELAIS Pointe Noire.

    In a charming and unique environment of 2.5 hectares tropical garden in the city center, sixty young girls cat walked around the newly renovated swimming pool, in front of a large enthusiast public.

    We congratulate the winners and wish them further luck for the national final. They will hopefully be selected/make it through to represent the colors of the Congo and Africa. Read more

  • RWANDAMOTOR – Kigali

    For the 20th commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda, employees of Rwandamotor visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial site in Gisozi to pay homage to those killed during the genocide (1994).

    1 million Frw was donated to AEGIS Trust, which created the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in 2004 and now works to prevent any further crimes and tensions. Read more