• Inauguration of a new wing of 30 rooms at Elais Kinshasa

    On Thursday, April 7, 2019, the subsidiary C.F.E. inaugurated a new wing for its hotel Elaïs Kinshasa. This extension increases the hotel’s capacity from 48 to 78 rooms thanks to 17 new executive rooms and 13 new deluxe apartments. It also hosts a modern and professional laundry. The new wing will be less greedy in terms of power consumption thanks to solar energy and heat recovery from air conditioning systems for domestic hot water. Procob and ABC Sodimel, also subsidiaries of the Ogepar Group, contributed to the construction of this six-storey building. Read more

  • Creation of the company be Hydro

    Our subsidiary ABC and the company CMB each contributed 50% to the capital of the newly created company be Hydro bvba. be Hydro aims to develop and commercialize dual-fuel diesel + hydrogen engines, as well as mono-fuel hydrogen engines. Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role in the energy transition: converting green energy into hydrogen is a solution to store renewable energy. ABC contributes its expertise in engines to the start-up, CMB its experience in the storage and usage of hydrogen.

  • Ogepar is pleased to announce the acquisition of the cast iron foundry of Lüneburg, Germany

    Focast Lüneburg, previously known as Lüneburger Eisenwerk GmbH (LEW), is known for its job production, and small to medium series of core-intensive and technically demanding grey and nodular cast iron. With its three production lines and batch sizes from one to a few hundred castings, it serves customers in diverse industries like machine building, machine tool industry, compressors, transmissions and food & packaging industry. Focast Lüneburg’s product portfolio, the industries served, its technical capabilities and its specialization in job production and small to medium series batch sizes, complement very well with the other three foundries within the Ogepar group. Read more

  • Focast Châteaubriant joins the Focast holding

    To consolidate our French foundry companies under the same legal entity, Focast Holding, which is 100% owned by Ogepar, took over Focast Châteaubriant. Focast Holding now has two foundries: Focast Saint-Dizier for parts ranging in weight from 50 to 360 kg and Focast Châteaubriant for parts ranging in weight from 100 to 9000 kg.

  • The capital of Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) is raised to 70 MEUR

    The share capital of our subsidiary Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has been increased to seventy million euros. The operation was carried out in two stages: by contribution in cash (5 MEUR) with creation of 2.975 new shares and by incorporation of the reserves (51,2 MEUR) without creation of new shares.

  • Acquisition of 47.500 shares of FOCAST HOLDING

    OGEPAR bought 47.500 shares (3.17%) of FOCAST HOLDING from the company Nord Europe Partenariat. Because of this transaction OGEPAR now holds all 1.500.000 shares of the foundry group. The fixed amount that was paid was EUR 75.000.

  • Opening Elaïs Business Center in Pointe Noire

    After two years of construction, 4 units of high-end office space, named ELAIS BUSINESS CENTER, were inaugurated. The 4 units are housed in the new wing of our Elais Hotel. This new 3000 m² office space introduces a whole new way of working : 9 conference rooms with a capacity from 5 up to 500 people as well as fully equipped offices. Read more

  • Rwandamotor’s 50th anniversary

    It was in 1967, in a small repair shop, that Rwandamotor’s history began. Later on they to on other activities. First they started with the distribution of vehicles and motorcycles. Afterwards they began working in the energy and fire prevention sector. Read more