Ogepar nv

The holding company Ogepar, founded in 1985, is based in Ghent (Belgium). It is single-family owned, with a share capital of 100 million euros.   The Group employs 1700 people in 5 different business areas. The Ogepar Group treasures its independence of decision making and its financial autonomy. It attaches great importance to the stability of its teams. The profits made are used for the growth of the subsidiaries.

Business sectors

Engine and Turbocharger Industry

Anglo Belgian Corporation (BE) – ABC in short – manufactures since 1912 robust engines that produce electricity at competitive prices to both industrial users and for thousands of households. ABC engines are a true reference in the field of marine and railway traction. Kompressorenbau Bannewitz Gmbh (DE) – better known under its abbreviation KBB – develops and manufactures turbochargers for engines.

Contracting, Trading and Automotive Distribution

Thanks to the expertise of ABC Contracting (BE) – and to the African subsidiaries ABC Sodimel (CD), Ivoiremotor (CI), Procob (CG), Procobu (BI) and Rwandamotor (RW) – the Group can offer turnkey solutions for thermal & hybrid power plants, hydroelectric power plants and power grids. OETS (CN) is acting at the request of ABC Contracting as a purchasing center for these projects. OMTD (FR) is also active in this sector, but mainly in Europe and in the nuclear business.

Foundry Industry

Focast Saint-Dizier (FR), Focast Châteaubriant (FR), Focast Lüneburg (DE) and Luitpoldhütte (DE) produce complex castings (from 1 up to 9,000 kg) for the sectors of agricultural machinery, trucks and civil engineering.

Machine Tool Industry

Balliu (BE) produces laser machines for all types of applications and materials. Pegard Productics (BE) is active in mechanical and electrical retrofitting of machine tools.

Real estate and hotels

Through three real estate companies, the Group owns two hotels, operating under the Elais brand, as well as residences, offices and warehouses.

The taking-over in chronological order is as follows:

Year Company take over Place Activity
1985 Anglo Belgian Corporation nv Ghent – Belgium Production of diesel engines or
dual / gas engines
1987 ABC Contracting sa
(ex Moteurs Moes sa)
Andenne – Belgium Engineering & trading
1995 Procobu sa Bujumbura – Burundi Production of construction materials
1997 Pegard Productics sa (78%) Andenne – Belgium Production of boring and milling machines
1998 Rwandamotor sa Kigali – Rwanda Sale of vehicles
1999 KBB GmbH Bannewitz – Germany Production of turbochargers
2000 CFE sa Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo Real estate and hotel
2002 Balliu MTC nv Lokeren – Belgium Production of laser cutting and welding machines
2003 Webster & Bennett ltd Warwick – GB Production of vertical lathers
2003 Ivoiremotor sa
(ex SCIMI sa) (70%)
Abidjan – Ivory coast Sale of vehicles
2007 Hotel Elais sa
(ex Novotel)
Pointe-Noire – Republic of the Congo Hotel
2009 Elais Immo srl
(ex Velghe)
Ghent – Belgium Real estate and hotel
2010 Focast s.a.s. (51%) Boulogne – Billancourt – France Foundries
2010 Cogenaf Luxembourg – GDL Holding (Real estate)
2012 Soras Group Ltd (25%) Kigali – Rwanda Insurance
2012 O.E.T.S. Shangai – China Engineering & trading
2016 Luitpoldhütte GmbH Amberg – Germany Foundry
2018 Focast Lüneburg GmbH Lüneburg – Germany Foundry
2019 Société Immobilière de Haltinne sa Gesves – Belgium Real estate
2020 Procoki sa Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo Real estate
2020 Kadimat sarl Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo Real estate

The group also develops through internal investments: annual purchase of new machinery, construction of new buildings and modern production halls.