• Visit of Royal Highnesses

    Their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium, as well as His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, did us the honor of visiting ABC.
    They were welcomed there by the Group’s shareholders, as well as by all staff of our Ghent subsidiary.

    The CEO of ABC – Tim Berckmoes – informed them about developments both in terms of new engines and green fuels (methanol and hydrogen).
    This visit was part of the state visit of their Royal Highnesses of Luxembourg to Belgium.

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  • Ogepar acquires Hug Engineering

    Ogepar and Forvia have signed a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of all activities of Hug Engineering.

    Hug Engineering is known as a manufacturer of emission reduction systems such as SCR (“Selective Catalytic Reduction”) and DPF (“Diesel Particulate Filter”), has 230 employees, a turnover of 70 M€ and locations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Read more

  • Sustainability event at OGEPAR

    Ogepar organized a 1-day event on sustainability in the Pegard Hotel in Andenne. All Ogepar-group CEOs were invited as well as employees involved in sustainability to discuss current & future legislation, and company strategies. New product developments and initiatives related to sustainability were discussed as well. Read more

  • LUITPOLDHUTTE: 140 years of cast iron and traditions

    In the presence of the Minister of Economics of Bavaria, Mr. Albert Füracker, and the mayor of the city of Amberg, Mr. Michael Cerny, Luitpoldhutte celebrated its 140 years of existence and tradition in the cast iron production sector.
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  • KBB celebrates its 70th anniversary

    On the occasion of this anniversary, KBB invited its various agents from around the world to Dresden. It was an opportunity for them to get to know the latest technological developments and to meet KBB employees in a festive setting.
    During the 2 days of celebration, KBB also highlighted its 200 workers without whom our factory would not have been a world reference in terms of turbochargers for 70 years.
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  • Launch of the EVOLVE 20EV23

    In early September, Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) launched the 2nd engine type in the EVOLVE Series: the 20EV23.

    With the introduction of the new EVOLVE 20EV23, our subsidiary opens a new route towards a green future for maritime transportation and navy applications.

    The 20EV23 is the first multi-fuel medium speed engine to face the transition from fossil-based to zero-carbon with a very low weight combined with high maximum power.
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  • Strengthening the equity of our foundries

    The share capital of Focast Lüneburg was increased by 3 million euros and the one of Focast Châteaubriant by 3.097.000 EUR.

    This influx of fresh money was decided to support our two subsidiaries in their investment process aimed at modernizing their production units.

  • ABC launches its new range of multifuel engines

    At Europort in Rotterdam, ABC unveiled the first member of its new product family: a compact and powerful 4-cylinders medium speed engine, capable of operating with both traditional fuels and those of the future. Read more