• ABC launches its new range of multifuel engines

    At Europort in Rotterdam, ABC unveiled the first member of its new product family: a compact and powerful 4-cylinders medium speed engine, capable of operating with both traditional fuels and those of the future. Read more

  • Pegard Hotel, a hotel in a 3-star factory

    Pegard hotel will open its doors on Friday October 1st. Its special feature is that it occupies part of the premises of Pegard Productics, our factory still active in the field of precision machining and this for almost a century. Read more

  • Rwandamotor inaugurates its new facilities

    Rwandamotor now occupies its new facilities in the Gahanga industrial zone, on the road to the future new Kigali international airport.

    The main building, which includes the showroom, rises over four levels. At the rear are the workshop and a bonded warehouse that can hold 70 vehicles.
    Read more

  • ABC expands

    On December 17th 2020, ABC acquired a site of 50,000 m² with production halls and offices. It concerns half of the site called “Vynckier” and is adjacent to the current ABC site. The activities on this site will focus on energy transition, e.g. wind energy, solar panels, heat grid, energy storage via hydrogen production, etc and the interaction between different sources of energy. Read more

  • Capital increase Ogepar to bring it to 100 MEUR

    The capital of our holding company was increased to 100 million euros. The capital increase took place through the contribution in kind of the companies Procoki and Kadimat for an amount of 40,609,000 euros and through the incorporation of the retained earnings and part of the legal reserves for an amount of 9,391,000 euros. The transaction did not lead to the issue of new shares.

  • ABC leads the hydrogen revolution

    On December 17th 2020, BeHydro (a joint venture between ABC and CMB) announced a world first: a 1 megawatt hydrogen-powered engine. This engine reduces CO2 emissions by 85% and is a revolutionary development to enable the massive greening of ships, trains and electricity generators. The commercial launch of this engine was attended by Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon and the mayor of Ghent Mathias De Clercq. Read more

  • Transfer of Ogepar’s headquarters to Ghent (Belgium)

    The head office of the Group leaves Luxembourg to settle in Ghent (Belgium). This transfer is made according to the rules of legal continuity as a legal entity under Belgian law. The address of our holding is now : Wiedauwkaai 43, 9000 Ghent (Belgium).

  • Purchase of ‘Société Immobilière de Haltinne sa’

    Elais Immo bvba bought all 84,000 shares of ‘Société Immobilière de Haltinne sa’. By taking over this company, our Group acquires an area of 245 hectares in Condroz (Belgium), divided in cultivated land, meadows, ponds and woods. The estate also includes a set of real estate.

  • The Group holds 100% of Ivoiremotor’s shares

    Ogepar bought 43,970 shares of Ivoiremotor. The Group now holds 100% of the Ivorian subsidiary’s shares: 65% that Ogepar holds directly and 35% through the subsidiary ABC.

  • Inauguration of a new wing of 30 rooms at Elais Kinshasa

    On Thursday, April 7, 2019, the subsidiary C.F.E. inaugurated a new wing for its hotel Elais Kinshasa. This extension increases the hotel’s capacity from 48 to 78 rooms thanks to 17 new executive rooms and 13 new deluxe apartments. It also hosts a modern and professional laundry. The new wing will be less greedy in terms of power consumption thanks to solar energy and heat recovery from air conditioning systems for domestic hot water. Procob and ABC Sodimel, also subsidiaries of the Ogepar Group, contributed to the construction of this six-storey building. Read more