Thanks to its branch office KBB (Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH) in Bannewitz (Germany) the group OGEPAR develops and produces turbochargers. KBB is especially active in the branch of diesel engines (MDO-HFO) or gas engines with a power between 300 and 8.000 kW. These engines are used for locomotives, electrogroups and marine propulsion.

Not only ABC but also other renowned manufacturers of engines, such as MAK, HYUNDAI, WARTSILA, YANMAR, GE, CUMMINS… are clients of KBBKBB has already manufactured and sold more than 40.000 turbochargers.

Global partner providing high-performance turbocharger solutions for medium speed diesel and gas engines. Its products cover an engine power range from 500 up to 5000 kW per turbocharger in single or two-stage turbocharging systems and are used in marine, railway and power generation applications.

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